Times Are Changing, Again

ChatGPT early adopters are already discovering there’s more to writing than trying prompt after prompt after prompt to get what they need. New tools are great…unless they just replace one pain point for another.

If your frustration level starts to exceed your patience, get in touch. There’s nothing like an actual human collaborating with you to reach a satisfying solution. I can help you create emails, website copy, and reports that wake people up and inspire action.

My Writing Approach
Screen-stressed eyes resist reading. The pace of…everything…is putting a squeeze on patience and comprehension. So, have mercy on readers: shorten sentences, simplify diction, use artful language to give tired eyes and brains a lift.

Versatile & Adaptable
What do a bio-tech company, a national safety nonprofit, a health-care IT innovator, two industry associations, a local commuter transportation program, an office building developer, a boutique kitchen-and-bath remodeler, and a growing marketing & public relations firm have in common? Me. I've helped a wide array of clients.

What are your communication goals? How does your communications plan fit with your overall vision and mission? How do you define success? How do your stakeholders define it? Ugh...always more questions. I can help you hammer out answers.

Next Steps
Click that email button below. Let me know what I can take off your plate to make your work...work better for you. You don't need to suffer under a pile of crazy. Let's talk.

~ Mark Wright

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